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Review of Parul by Jhon on 12/20/2022

True girlfriend, Amazing!When she came to my room, I don't know why, but I could not take my eyes off her. She was very beautiful. I have not got such girlfriend experience from any escort in Delhi till date. I thank Parul for giving such a good escort service. I would definitely like to meet her whenever I come to Delhi.

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Review of Anjali by Sahil on 1/15/2023

Anjali is the best among all the escort girls I have met till date. The most important thing about her is that she is very polite. In the beginning I felt that she is a reserved type girl but as she started talking to me, I realized that she is a funny girl. And if we talk about service, then I would just like to say that she was mind blowing. Would like to meet her again.

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Review of Teena by Mr. Jha on 1/27/2023

Teena is beautiful like an apsara of heaven. In fact if I call her the goddess of love then nothing will be wrong. The way she dresses, the way she talks, the way she seduce her client, everything is unique. In fact she is a perfect escort. After meeting her, I did not feel that I am meeting her for the first time. She can win everyone's heart with her sweet words.

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VIP Escort Service in Delhi

If you are excited to meet an escort of your choice in Delhi city then give us a chance. Sit back, relax and we will find the best escort girl for you. Such an escort who will fill new colors in your life. An escort who will give you so much love that you will not be able to forget for many years. You will not rest in peace until you meet her again. Because we have a group of some excellent girls who are the best escorts in Delhi. We have brought to you the best of escort services that Delhi has to offer. You will get an idea of how our escort service is different and superior to the services provided by all other escort agencies, just by meeting our intelligent escorts who are in perfect harmony with you.

Whether you are taking escort services in Delhi for the first time or you have enjoyed this service many times before, but the services that we provide, it will not be possible for you to get such services in any other city of India. Because the escorts we have appointed in our escort agency, you will not find such escorts anywhere. Delhi is a dream city and people from different cities of the country come here everyday for their business. Delhi is one of the most prestigious cities of India and Delhi itself has a good image on the world stage. Many people from abroad also come to visit here. Some people come here to see the old historical places inspired by the history of Delhi and some to enjoy the delicious food here. If you want to explore the city of Delhi in a better way then we can help you in this as we have the best escorts in Delhi. Along with showing you all the historical places of Delhi, these escorts will also do your private entertainment. If you want, you can go and have dinner with one of them in a luxury restaurant and if you want, you can chat with one of our intelligent escort the whole night.

Here we present you our most charming and sophisticated escorts. Theya re unmatched in personality, character and communication skills. The girls who are best in their segmant. Our high-profile Delhi escorts are our most reliable and top class escorts. If you are looking for the highest quality escort services from us, then we have no better options than these. These are the highest quality escorts at our agency that we reserve for our most prestigious and affluent clients. These girls themselves also do not meet any common man. She likes to meet only top class gentlemen like business tycoons, politicians, reputed men and rich men. Our escorts have a very high standard of living and lead a luxurious life. Most of these escorts are actresses, models and air-hostesses. All these escorts are independent and only meet our prestigious clients in their spare time.

You will be very lucky if you meet these high-end Delhi escorts. Some men are eager to meet her, but she does not meet easily. To meet them, our prestigious clients also have to confirm their booking many days in advance. High-profile escorts' time is very precious, they only give their precious time to men who are worth it. She takes out some time from her hectic daily working schedule to meet our clients.

Our Escort Agency An exclusive escort agency that provides top class services to its clients in a confidential manner. We provide services to our high standard clients on the same standards on which they require service. We are well known for providing best quality escort girls in Delhi. We have no competition at this point of time as we have raised our standards high with hard work and dedication. The highest quality escorts come to work with us and we are world renowned for providing only top quality escort service.

After 12 years of hard work, we have understood the nuances of this industry and we are all set to provide smooth and secure companyship to our clients. Reputed gentlemen from India and abroad come to Delhi for business and when they have to meet high-end escorts, our name is just on their lips. They clearly know that only we can provide the most high-class escorts in Delhi. To maintain this reputation, we never lower our standards and provide the best quality companionships to our clients.

We have made special arrangements for those men who wish to meet the escort in a discreet manner. We send our best escorts to the luxury hotels where our clients are staying. All our escorts are exclusive and independent so we guarantee to provide a safe and secure service. There are many such men all over the world whose name is very high and they are very famous in public. These men prefer to be served by beautiful and private escorts without disclosing their names. We have special arrangements for such men also. We provide them our valuable escorts without revealing their name. You do not need to take any kind of tension to take service from us because we have made our booking process very simple. You can book with us a luxurious escort that will fulfill all your wishes in just a few minutes.

What qualities our high-end Delhi escort possess?

It is the quality that makes differences between similar things. In escort service, people asks us that every escort provides the same services then why the charges of every escort is different? The answer of theis question is "Quality". As we said, quality makes the difference. We know that our every escort provides the same services to her client but the way of providing those services is the key point that makes the difference in their prices. Below are some qualities that our escorts possess Which forces them to be called high-end escorts in Delhi.

What are some best places to get VIP escort service in Delhi?

As being the capital of India, Delhi is called heart of the country. Thousands of businessmen comes here daily for business and thousands comes for leisure. There can be no better way of entertainment than taking escort service from a female escort in Delhi.Here we will tell you about those selected places in Delhi where you can avail escort services in complete peace and tranquility.

What are the characteristics of a top escort?

The quality of each of our escorts and their rates are different. Some clients ask us that why the rates of all our escorts are different, then we want to tell them that the rates of each escort depend on their quality. There are a lot of disparities between our normal escorts and high-profile escorts which is why their rates vary so much. High-profile escorts will always get higher rates than ordinary escorts because their qualities are higher than normal escorts. Today here we will talk about those qualities that a high-end escort has and makes it unique and better than the rest of the ordinary escorts.

What are some safe hotels to meet high-end escorts in Delhi?

A five-star hotel is the safest place to meet a high-end escort. These hotels are very safe from the security point of view and here any reputed gentleman can take escort services in a private way. There are many luxury hotels in Delhi where you can invite our high-profile escorts. We want to provide a safe and relaxed escort service to our clients that's why we provide our services only in good hotels. All our escorts provide out-call services only in five star hotels so to meet them you have to book a good hotel in Delhi. Here we are presenting the list of those luxury hotels where you can call our escort and spend some happy moments.

How to book a high-class escort in Delhi?

Search on internet

  • Search "high profile Delhi independent escorts" or "premium Delhi escort agency" on "Google"
  • Read the website carefully
  • Look through the gallery, rates and services section carefully
  • Read the reviews about escorts (if any)
  • Go to the contact page and contact the agency or escort

NOTE: You can also look through the escort directories like "Open Adult Directory" and "Locanto" for high-profile escorts in Delhi. But be careful because the photos of escorts posted in these directories are mostly fake. If you are taking escort service for first time in Delhi then we'll recommend you to search in "QUORA" for "best escort agencies in Delhi" or "Best independent Delhi escorts" or You can also ask your friends about good escorts who have had good escort experience in the past.

Booking Process

After searching on internet or by refferal, now is the time to contact the agency or escort. Below is the process

  • Call on the phone number
  • Tell him/her when, where and for how long you need the service
  • tell him/her about your desires, requirements and fantasies
  • Tell him/her what kind of girl you like (tall, slim, busty, young, mature, fair, black, shy, open-minded etc.)
  • Ask for the available escorts
  • He/she will send you the pics of girls
  • Choose one of your taste/type
  • Ask about her rates and services
  • Lock the deal
  • Wait for the escort to arrive at your location
  • Meet her and Enjoy

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Independent high-profile escorts are discreet companions

If you are a wealthy or well-known businessman currently in Delhi and looking for a social escort girl, then our independent high-end escorts will be perfect for you. We have specially trained our independent escorts to serve famous men like you. These escorts are the perfect companions for very rich men, business tycoons and ambassadors with high standards. The security of famous men is as important as that of our private escorts. For this reason, both of them complement each other and also perfect partners for each other. We provide escort services to these reputed men through our premium escort agency. Keeping their security in mind, we provide them out-call service in luxury hotels so that their privacy remains intact. The men who have taken services from us know this very well and also encourage their friends to take services from us. We guarantee to provide safe Delhi escort service and the reason behind this is our discreet escorts who are independent as well as private. These girls are social girls who act like normal girls and provide confidential escort services to our reputed clients in their spare time.

All our high-profile escorts are either modeling figures or TV serial actresses. Some of the escorts are beautiful college going girls from good families. These girls are full of simplicity, very attractive in appearance and rich in versatile talents. You will feel proud to make them your partner. When you take that fabulous escort girl with you to any social event, all eyes will be on you. You can book these talented and intelligent escorts of ours for any purpose as they are well versed in all fields. These talented girls give company only to high-profile gentlemen. They want to keep their escort profession hidden from the eyes of the world so they provide escort service exclusively with us only. They get the advantage of working with us that we do not leak their photos anywhere and do not allow their escort identity to be disclosed to anyone. We take care of the privacy of our high-profile escorts in a very confidential and secure manner.

For what purpose you can book our escorts?

Any man in the world can have any motive for spending time with an attractive and young girl. The first reason is that men like to meet such beautiful girls themselves. He likes to spend time with young and stunning girls. They love to chat, flirt and move around and for this a partner is essential. What could be better if that partner is a very attractive and young lady who is well dressed? The second reason for men is the fulfillment of their sexual desires. Within every man there are sexual desires which he wants to fulfill completely. To fulfill them, he always looks for a beautiful and young girl. Such beautiful and young girls are our high-profile escorts. The third reason is the emptiness of their lives. Every man who is a business woman or a famous rich man, feels lonely. He books an escort to overcome his loneliness. Such men like express their suppressed emotions with escort. Some men book an escort for special events like a birthday party or a business meeting where the man hesitates to go alone.

Top of the range escorts in Delhi

You may go to any corner of the country but you will not find better escorts than Delhi. Delhi is the capital of India and here you will easily find all types of model girls providing escort service. But there are some clients who have had bad experiences in the past while taking escort service. We are here to warn you that if you really want service from high-profile skirts, then contact only a reputed agency like us. Our only goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers and we have accomplished this goal well till date and will continue to do so in the future.

There are different types of people in every industry, similarly there may be some flaws in escort industry also but we promise to give you the best escort service. We promise you that once you join us, you will never contact any other agency and will always contact us for escort service. At this point of time we have created an image of a highly reputed escort agency in Delhi and to maintain this image we do not break any of our clients heart. Whatever the request of our client, we provide him a prestigious escort. This is the reason why the most reputed men of the whole country are our regular clients today.

What are the benefits of Delhi escort service?

There is a famous saying that behind every successful man there is a woman. No man can enjoy without a woman. It is very important for a man to have a woman in order to get happiness. In today's time, although there are many means of entertainment, but there can be no better experience than having sex with a young girl of your choice.There are many advantages of taking an escort service in today's time.

  • With this you can calm your distracted mind
  • you will get immense happiness
  • If you are getting bored alone then you will find a true companion who will be a part of your happiness and sorrow.
  • you will experience a new sexual activity
  • If you are old then you will feel young after meeting our young escort.
  • It will decrease your depression and anxiety

There are many other health benefits of escort service like it will increase your libido, improve your immune system, better sleep and lower your heart disease. Happy escorting!

What type of escorts we offer?

The short answer is "Every type of escort". We have every type of escorts at our escort agency. Although we get calls from many girls who want to join our agency, but we select only a few girls as our escorts. We select each escort carefully on the basis of her beauty, her personality and her working experience.Every man has his own choice. Some like tall girls and some like petite. Some like slim girls and some like fat. With an aim to provide escorts to each of our clients as per their requirements, we keep all types of escorts in our agency so that we can make each and every client happy.

Russian Escorts

Imagine yourself with a young and very sexy Russian girl in a luxury hotel room where she will be all your. What could be better than a very attractive Russian beauty at your arms for whole night? If thats your dream then we are here to make it real. We provide most beautiful and hottest Russian escorts in Delhi for discerning gentlemen. We provide In-call escort service in five star hotels where you will be accompany by a sexy russian escort. What man wouldn't want to have sex with a Russian girl? Russian girls are world famous for their flirtatious nature. These girls are always in search of such a man who can fulfill their physical desires. These girls have very high libido power and they can have sex many times in a day. Although there are many other responsibilities of an escort girl, but these Russian escorts are best in love making.So if you also want to meet such hot and sexy Russian escort then without delay pick up your phone and dial our number.

NOTE: Our Delhi Russian escorts are avialble only for In-call service.

Mature Escorts

Now-a-days the demand of mature escorts has increased and there is a reason behind this as well. Most of the men taking escort service are in the age group of 30 to 50 years. These men are mature and they expect their escort to be a mature lady. As we know that every person coordinate better with the people of his age, so these men also want such a partner with whom they can maintain proper coordination. The demand for mature escorts has also increased because these escorts have more experience. They have lived more life than young girls and so they have more experience than young girls. These escorts know very well how to seduce a man. Mature escorts also know some tricks that girls of younger age do not know and because of this quality, mature women are able to make their clients completely happy. There are many clients who demand mature ladies and to fulfill our client's demands, we have some elite class housewife escorts of age between 28 to 45. If you are our firs time customer then we will recommend you to go with our mature Delhi escort once. Believe us once as we are here to fulfill all your wishes.

College Girls

College girls are always updated. They know how to dress-up on different occassions. Indeed college girl is a very good option if you are looking for a sophisticated escort. Suppose you want a companion for dinner tonight, which girl would you choose? A normal looking and underprivileged girl or a modern college going girl? We think you would want to choose that college girl who can represent herself in a decent manner. We have carefully selected our college girl escorts and each one of these girls is the perfect companion whether you want to take her to your friend's party or spend some quality time in your private hotel room. Another special thing about our escorts is that they are updated in every way and they are aware of every small thing happening around the world. Every escort has a responsibility to give all the happiness to his client for which he has paid her and our college girl escorts know this very well. If you are looking for a passionate and very confident escort for a dinner date and GFE then there is no better choice for you than our well educated college girl escorts in Delhi. Make your mind and call us right now to book a young and modern escort.

Why choosing us?

There are so many reasons for choosing our premium escort agency. We are a customer oriented escort agency aiming to fulfill all wishes of our prestigious client.

  • Value for money
  • Classy and sophisticated escorts
  • Discreet and memorable escort experience
  • We deliver on our promises
  • Operate 24 hours a day
  • Simple booking procedure
  • Years of industry experience
  • Team of professionals
  • Top quality service

Which services Delhi escorts offer?

There is a never ending list of services Delhi escorts offer. But some of these services are so rare for which you may have to pay extra charges. Our only goal is to fulfill all the wishes of our clients, so we train our escorts in such a way that they can fulfill all those wishes of their clients. Below are the services with their prices.


  • Deep Throat (₹ 10000)
  • Role Play (₹ 10000)
  • BDSM (₹ 10000)
  • Sex Toys (₹ 20000)
  • Belly Dance (₹ 10000)
  • Nude Dance (₹ 15000)
  • Cum on Face (₹ 15000)
  • Cum on Body (₹ 10000)
  • Fisting (₹ 20000)
  • Strap-on (₹ 20000)
  • Striptease (₹ 20000)


  • 69
  • Blowjob
  • Massage
  • Dogging
  • Face sitting
  • Shower together
  • Dinner date
  • Dirty talk
  • Cow girl
  • French kissing
  • Tounge kissing


  • Travel partner
  • Taxi service
  • Tour guide
  • Private Parties
  • Pick and Drop
  • Limo Service
  • Secratary
  • Shopping
  • Trip away
  • Nightclub companion

Incall & Outcall escorts New Delhi

New Delhi is an urban district of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) and is the capital of India. We are a reputed escort agency from New Delhi whose objective is to provide high-profile escorts to gentlemen from India and abroad visiting here. Being the capital of India, New Delhi is blessed with world class facilities. The five star hotels here are perfect for the stay of people coming from India and abroad. Gentlemen can avail our world class escort services at these hotels. There are two types of escort services – first is in-call escort service and second is out-call escort service. These two services are different from each other. In in-call service, you have to go to the escort's place and take the services and in out-call service, the escort comes to your specified place and gives you escort services. Both these services have advantages and disadvantages but most of the men who want to take escort service in a confidential manner prefer to take out-call service. The first advantage of out-call service is that you do not need to go anywhere and your favorite escort comes to you herself. The second advantage is that it is safe and secure as compared to in-call.

We provide out-call services to reputed businessmen and eminent men at their hotels. We only work with independent escorts who provide only outdoor services. We take special care of the safety of our clients that's why we provide outcall escort services only in New Delhi. Gentlemen who wish to meet high-end escorts in a private manner can contact us. We are present at your service 24 hours. Our way of working is very simple and transparent. We never cheat our clients and fulfill the promises we make to our clients. In New Delhi you will find many Ajanta who provide insall service but insall services are not safe.

Super busty escorts for private entertainment

Nothing in the world is more fun than playing with the breasts of a busty young girl. The boobs of a young and stunning girl can make any man reach the heights of sensuality. Beautiful and curvy boobs are the first quality of any high-profile escort. Curvy boobs make any young girl more attractive. Men also like curvy boobs and they want to play with these boobs all night long. Now the point comes that how can a man play with such boobs? The answer is our gorgeous and sensual escorts. If you are a man who is currently in India's capital New Delhi and looking for a beautiful and curvy busty escort for your private fun, then end your search here because you have reached your destination. With us you will find an escort with amazing tits that you can play with all night long. To please our clients, we have hired India's most beautiful busty escorts who are always ready for their private entertainment.

Do you like 34C, 34D, 36 C , 36 D or 36DD super busty escorts? Everyman have different taste. A girl who has beautiful breasts can attract men towards her. Beautiful breasts enhance the beauty of any escort. Men are more attracted to those escorts who have beautiful and curvy breasts. Most of our clients also want to meet busty escorts. Although all types of escorts are available in our agency, but the demand for busty escorts is the highest. We cater to all the requirements of our clients that's why we have appointed world class busty escorts to fulfill all the wishes of our clients. If you are a gentleman looking to spend time with a young escort then we have a selection of eminent escorts for you who will entertain you completely and satisfy all your erotic desires.We have escorts for men of all ages and you can take escort service at any luxury hotel in New Delhi whenever you want. We are at your service throughout the day and night and guarantee your happiness.

New Delhi escorts can fulfill any kind of fetish

Every man has different sexual desires, to fulfill which he takes help of young and beautiful escort girls. There are some desires which require a lot of effort to fulfill them, but still those desires are not fulfilled. To fulfill such unfulfilled desires, we have brought our fetish escorts for you. These escorts are the perfect partners to fulfill any of your fetishes. These fantasy escorts will fulfill all your fetishes without question. Some men are of strange mood and their sexual desires are also completely unique. Most of the escorts refuse to fulfill these wishes. But our Trined and Professional Escorts does not leave any wish of its clients unfulfilled. She does not hesitate to do anything for the happiness of her client. Just share your libido with one of our escorts and see how she satisfies all your desires.

Being the most popular and transparent escort agency of New Delhi, we want to tell you here that none of your wishes will remain unfulfilled here. We promise that our sensual escorts will not leave without giving you an orgasm. We promise that our young and sensuous escorts will fulfill all your erotic requests in no time. Every man can like any part of the body of a young girl, to whom he is more attracted. This kind of attraction is called fetish. This fetish can be any part of a woman's body like eyes, ears, nose, lips, breasts, hair, legs or genitals. Some men like to kiss on the eyes of a woman, while others like to kiss on the ears or lips. Some just want to lick the hands and some want to lick the feet. Every man has his own separate fetish. Our escorts cater to all these types of fetishes.

If you like playing with legs of a tall and beautiful escort girl, then we have tall escorts available for you whose long legs you can kiss all night long. If you want to play with the tits of a young girl, we have busty escorts with curvy boobs for you to play with all night long. Just share your fantasy and give us a chance to find you the perfect female escort.

Mature housewife escorts for new experience

Having fun with mature escorts is also a new experience. Our premium escort agency provides mature escorts for gentlemen who appreciate maturity. If you are a man who prefers mature escorts to young escorts then we have got some gorgeous and reliable housewife escorts for you. Our experienced escorts know very well how to make your erotic fantasies come true. They know how to make a man hard and how to make him feel extreme happiness. She has a deep knowledge of the arts of intercourse and she finds out in a few minutes what you like to do in the arts of intercourse and which erotic activity interests you the most. These middle aged women are deeply interested in sexual activities and they are providing escort services here only because of not being satisfied with their male partners. Our talented escorts are doing this profession not for money but for the satisfaction of their erotic desires. These mature escorts are mostly high-profile housewives who live in New Delhi. Their male partners are not able to provide them physical pleasure and they are not able to express their sexual desires openly in front of them. That's why they join us to fulfill their sexual desires and satisfy their sexual desires by cohabiting with our clients who are gentlemen.

The fun of having sex with these experienced girls is unique because they openly express their sexual desires without hesitation and without being shy. They cross any limit to make their male partners feel extreme pleasure. Our mature clients know that they can never have as much fun with a young escort as they can with a mature escort. For this reason, some clients prefer mature escorts rather than young girls. They know that a middle aged woman can be freely enjoyed while a young girl is shy in everything.

Those men who have not yet met our mature housewife escorts, we want to tell them that they have not yet seen the true colors of life because only our middle aged women can show the true colors. You will believe our words if you book a mature escort with us as per our instructions and spend a night or a few hours with her. She will show you how she is better than young escorts.

VIP Escorts New Delhi

Welcome to New Delhi's world class score service. We have made world class arrangements for your entertainment. We will arrange a very high profile escort to make your evening memorable. We have all kinds of facilities available and if you have any party cooler fantasy that you want to fulfill then also you can contact us and we assure you that we will fulfill that wish of yours. We aim to provide escort services to you with full satisfaction and to fulfill this goal we have appointed some of the best and finest escort girls. We promise you that none of our escorts will act in such a way that you will be disappointed.

Whether you are contacting us for the first time or have already met us with escorts, we provide the same quality services to all our clients. We are known for providing only the highest quality of escort services and you can expect the highest quality of escort service from us. If you are in the capital of India New Delhi and staying in any hotel then give us a call and we will make your dreary evening colorful. We will send to you an independent elite class escort who will make you sensual. That escort will give you as much pleasure as no one else has given you till date. Our escorts are specially trained by us to please our clients. He knows how to completely satisfy his client on the basis of his training. They know why the client has booked. He knows how to fulfill the desires of a man and he is the topper in his field of work. If you are in any doubt then you can call our executive and get your queries answered. We wish that this evening spent in Delhi becomes the most beautiful evening of your life.

Many times the lustful desires of men remain suppressed and they are unable to fulfill them. If such desires are not fulfilled, then it has a negative effect on the mind. If any such desire of a man remains unfulfilled, then he is not able to concentrate on work properly. That is why we have brought our profile escort services in Delhi. With our escort service you can fulfill all your hidden erotic desires. You can do all those erotic activities with our escorts which you were shy to do with your wives or girlfriends. Our escorts are very open minded and fantasy loving. They enjoy doing new erotic activities. They feel great pleasure in having sex with their male partners and provide a lot of entertainment to their clients. Our aim is to satisfy the erotic desires of all clients who come to us so we only allow exceptional women to be our escorts. For the men who are using our escort services just to pass the time, we have all kinds of independent girls who are models and love spending time with our clients. They also love making new friends. If you are also looking for a partner who can give a new direction to your anonymous life, then there is nothing better for you than our escort girls. These girls will romance you like a girlfriend and like a wife will give you sensual pleasure knowing all the lusts buried in your mind.

Spend quality time with GFE escorts in New Delhi

If you like spending time with young high-profile girls, then you should definitely give a try to our independent New Delhi escorts. If you meet him once, we promise that you will not be able to live without meeting him again. You will be reminded of them all the time and you will not feel like going anywhere. These escorts have so much influence that the man who meets them once, definitely comes to meet them again. All our clients come to us regularly and demand the same escort with whom they met last time. Each of our escorts has a special ability with which she wins the hearts of the clients. We have perfected our escorts through practice and training and each one of our escorts is at the forefront of providing the best escort service in Delhi at the moment.

Some men don't have libido or they don't want to do sexual activities with a stranger woman. Such men book escort just to spend quality time. These men are very fine gentlemen and they love talking to young girls and complimenting their bodies. Some men prefer to be accompanied by our young and sophisticated escorts rather than going alone to social events. For such men our GFE escorts are a perfect choice. These escorts will give you company like a friend and you can spend a pleasant time with them. If you want, you can go to dinner with them or watch a movie. If you want, you can go to a party or club or you can also gossip in your hotel room. These girls are very modern and are aware of all the current affairs happening in the country and abroad. If you want, you can also talk to them on any resolved topic. We promise that you will not feel bored in their company because these escorts are so perfect in the art of conversation that they will not let you get bored.

All our escorts know the real meaning of escort service. She knows that the client has booked her for his entertainment and she knows this work very well. These escorts know how to bring out the hidden desires of their clients and how to make them come true. Many men are shy and hesitate to express their desires. For such men, our escorts are the best option because they can easily make any man speak his mind. Most of the people book our escort only to fulfill their sexual desires but there are some rich people who just want to spend time with the escort. These men are our VIP clients. He likes to chat with the escort, drink wine and gossip with them. Our escorts are well versed in these activities.

FAQs on High-profile Escort service

Can I meet a Model?

Yes, we have several modelling girls who are available for out-call appointments in premium hotels in New Delhi. You have to book atleast one week before to meet one of our model escort.

Who are these high-profile escorts?

Our high-profile escorts are Modelling girls, TV actress, College girls, Air-hostess, Celebrities, MNC girls and some porn stars.

Are all escorts genuine?

Yes, all our escorts are totally genuine. We absolutely do not like to fool our clients. We work with integrity and deliver what we commit to.

How can I get discreet escort service?

Our high-end escorts are the best option for a discreet escort service. They provide services in a safe, secure, private and very confidential manner.

Are escorts english speaking?

All our escorts are well educated and fluent English speakers. That's why they are called high-profile escorts.

Should I take incall or outcall??

We prefer Out-calls. All our independent escorts who are high-profile models provide out-call services only. She doesn't consider in-calls safe and neither do we.

What are some best places to visit with escort in Delhi?

You can go to Red fort, India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar, Lal quila and many more historical places of Delhi. If you want fun then there are some famous nightclubs, bars and pubs where you can have fun all night. And if you want to know about romantic places , there is Garden of five senses, Purana Quila, Tughlakabad Fort, Ip park and Buddha garden where you can spend romantic moments with one of our high-end independent escorts.

Are foreigner escorts available in New Delhi?

Yes, we have Russian escorts available in Delhi to entertain you. Our Russian girls are available for In-call escort service only. They don't do Out-calls.

Which hotel is best in New Delhi?

There are many five-star hotels and they all are best. You can see Radisson, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, J.W. Marriott, Royal Plaza, Shangri-La, Le Meridien and many other luxurious hotels where we can send our premium independent escorts.

Are hotels of New Delhi safe for escort service?

It depends on the hotel and the escort you are booking. As per our experience, if you want a safe and memorable escort service then you should book a five-star hotel and then book a high-profile escort from a reputed escort agency. Don't waste your time and money by falling in trap of cheap escort service. These are not safe from your security point of view.

How do I find a high-end escort in New Delhi?

We recommend you to look at the reviews about escort agencies and escorts. After reading the reviews, you will get an idea from which escort agency you should book an escort.

I am booking an escort for the first time, what are your tips for me?

We would just like to ask you to behave like a gentleman and we will take care of the rest. You do not need to worry about anything as we are at your service 24 hours.

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