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High Profile Aerocity escort Dharna

Dharna is a high-profile escort offering top quality escort companionship in Aerocity. She is a private girl and available for Out-call appointments in luxury five star hotels of Aerocity. She is a tall, flawless, intelligent and very naughty girl. She is so beautiful that you will fall in love with her soft skin. You will drown in his deep eyes like a boundless ocean of love. She is so sweet that if she comes to be your escort for one night, you will not be able to stop loving her. She is like a playful deer who goes on spreading her fragrance everywhere.Every part of her body is stimulating and her words are sweeter than sugar. As soon as she comes close to you, the fragrance of her body will fascinate you and you will become very sensual. Many men yearn to make this idol of love their escort but not every man gets this God gifted beauty. To make Parul your escort, you will have to make efforts and confirm your booking a few days in advance.

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Independent Aerocity escort Anjali

Some girls are so charming that every man talks about their beauty. Anjali is also one of those girls. That girl is beautiful, polite, modern and equipped with all the qualities that a perfect partner should have. You can make Anjali your companion for any purpose. Well versed in all fine arts, this girl can be a very good choice to be your escort. The most special thing about this escort is that you can call her to you anytime day or night. This is because Anjali lives alone in her residence and has her own means and can easily reach anywhere in Delhi or nearby cities very quickly.Many reputed businessmen and tycoons stay in Aerocity hotels and when they feel lonely in their hotel room they look for an escort. As per their reputation, they need a perfect escort who can make their day memorable. They need a memorable escort service and such service can be provided only by an independent escort because that escort has all the arts that can make a man completely happy.

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GFE escort Teena

At this time, Tina has become the heartbeat of many men. She provides such services that every man goes crazy about her. Teena is a young and very beautiful girl who lives in Delhi and provides escort service in her spare time. Teena works only with our agency so you cannot book her from anywhere else. Teena speaks very fluent English, that's why she is very popular in Aerocity. Beauty is not the only quality of a girl, there are many qualities that make a escort great. Personality is also one of those qualities. If we talk about Teena's personality, then she is such a personality that every man likes. Her way of walking and talking and a mind to choose her outfit on any occasion, she possess all these qualities. The most important thing that makes her the best Aerocity escort is her ability to have sex. She have a great libido power and can do multiple orgasm in single meeting.

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VIP Aerocity Escorts

Nowadays every man's life is full of tension and every man needs entertainment to get rid of this tension filled life. And for this reason, we have brought before you a unique way of entertainment. Yes, we are talking about escort service, in which you will get a young and very beautiful girl who will remove the emptiness in your heart and make you feel extreme pleasure. Although there are many ways of entertainment but none is better than escort service. Because any man always has this desire that he should get a chance to spend the night with a young and beautiful girl. Every man wants to have a hot and sexy girl in his arms so that he can love her a lot. Some men only wish that they can spend some good time with a beautiful and ethical girl, who is also young and beautiful. We fulfill these wishes of men through our escort agency. Spending night with a young and beautiful girl is like a dream for a man but we here make such dreams come true.

There is no better place in Delhi than Aerocity to spend time with an educated and intelligent girl who is young and beautiful. Since Aerocity is filled with the best hotels in Delhi, it is a great place to find escort services. Delhi's best hotels are located in Aerocity, so every rich man and business person likes to stay in these hotels. Even the best escorts of our agency prefer to serve these clients as these men are gentlemen. You can easily find our most popular and beautiful escorts in Aerocity because all these girls live in their private apartments in the vicinity of Aerocity and can reach your called place in no time.

Nowadays some agents and escorts are providing low quality services in the name of VIP escort service and many men have wasted their precious time and money by coming in their smooth talk. If you really want VIP escort service then contact our premium Delhi escort agency so that you can get the level of service that you are wishing for. Our vip escorts are the best escorts in Aerocity who leave no stone unturned in providing hospitality to their clients. We provide a different level of girls for our vip clients who are well versed in erotic actions as well as in the art of conversation. Beauty and sensuality, both these qualities are very difficult to find in any single escort. But we have escorts having both these qualities as well as many more qualities. These girls know how to control every man. These girls know how to make any man get extreme pleasure.

How we choose our Aerocity escorts?

We carefully select each of our escorts. At Aerocity we provide the best escorts and that's why we select only professional and best escorts for our clients here. Everyday many girls send us applications to join our agency, but we make only a few selected girls as our escorts. We select only high-class and educated girls to serve in Aerocity, who can fulfill all the wishes of our esteemed clients.

We pay attention to many aspects while selecting any escort, such as the beauty of the girl. To become our Aerocity escort, a girl should have many other characteristics like her height, weight, her body shape, her breasts size. Along with all these physical qualities, we also take care of many other things. The most important quality that we need to be in our escort is her personality. After examining the physical characteristics of any girl, we do an interview with that girl, in which we see her walking and talking, her communication skills, her way of wooing a man, her attitude towards different men and her libido. There are also many things on the basis of which we choose our escort.

Mainly We choose our escorts on the basis of:

How we cater our clients?

We have a unique way of serving our clients. Our service delivery method is very simple by which our client can book a reputed escort within a very short span of time. Whenever a client contacts us, first of all we ask him what is his wish. Every man has his own different desires, for the purpose of fulfilling which he takes escort service. So first of all we know about his desires, then we ask him what kind of girl he likes. Every man has his taste, like some man likes tall and thin girl, some like petite and fat, some like that girl with big breasts and some with flat chest. Some want to meet a young girl and some want to meet a mature escort. So we first know that which class of escort is required by our client. After knowing all these things we send him the picture of our escorts based on his choice. We send pictures of our escorts to our clients through email or WhatsApp. Out of many escorts, when our client likes any one escort, then we tell the rate of that escort.

We have escorts of all categories with different rates. After confirming the rate, we confirm the time and place. Some men like to meet our skirt only for few hours while some like to spend whole night with our escort. The rate of each of our escorts is according to the time she spend with client. After this, if our client needs escort service in his hotel room, then we ask our escort to go to that place. Most of the clients stay in Aerocity hotels and prefer to meet the escort at their hotel room. This type of service is called out-call service. If a client does not have a hotel room, then we invite him to come to our hotel room. Our hotel room is already booked in one of the luxury hotels in Aerocity and any client can easily come there to meet our escort. This type of arrangement is called in-call facility. At Aerocity, we provide both in-call and out-call services.After confirming the time, place, rate and services, our escort leaves to meet our client and according to the guidelines given by us, she meet that client.We have adopted a very transparent approach to strike a perfect chord with our clients.

Which hotels are best for escort service in Aerocity?

Escort friendly hotels in Aerocity

  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Holiday Inn
  • Hotel Novotel
  • Hotel Aloft
  • Hotel Andaz by Hyatt
  • Hotel Pullman
  • Hotel Pride Plaza
  • Hotel Roseate House
  • Hotel Lemon Tree Premier
  • Hotel Red Fox
  • Hotel IBIS

Special treatment

The above listed hotels are escort friendly hotels of Aerocity and one can avail our escort service in these hotels easily. These hotels are luxurious and most of the traveller stays in these hotels, when landed on Delhi international airport. Most of our clients stays in these hotels and ask for out-call service there. If you are visiting Delhi first time then we will recommend you to book yur hotel in any of the above listed hotels. Here you can call our high-profile Aerocity escort in your hotel room easily. To offer special treatment we also provide pick and drop facility to our clients. When you'll be landed on IGI airport of Delhi, call us and we will send our charming escort to pick you from airport. She will escort you for the rest of your trip and please you in a very special way. You will see the hospitality of our our city that how we welcome our guest.

Best Aerocity escort

Elite escorts are waiting for you

Our angels are waiting for you. We are open 24 hours to serve our clients. With the aim of offering stunning escorts with memorable services, we are dedicated towards our work. We aim to provide a memorable escort service to our clients without facing any hassles. For this, we make all the arrangements well in advance so that when our client is ready to meet our escort, we can make the meeting go smoothly and without any hassle. We have ten years of experience in the escort industry and based on this experience we are able to provide a pleasant escort service to our clients. We promise that no one can deliver you escort faster than us. The reason behind this is first, our escorts have their own vehicles and are trained drivers. Secondly, all our escorts who provide their service in Aerocity live near Aerocity so that they can meet our clients as soon as possible.

Angels at your door steps

We share happiness. Our only goal is to give pleasure to our clients and for this our escorts go above and beyond. Meeting our escort is not less than a blessing for you because our escorts are completely different from other escorts and these girls do not like to meet every man. Our escorts only meet selected men. If you have heard about Independent Escorts then you will know this very well. Independent escorts do not meet five or six men in a day like contracted call girls, rather these girls meet five or six men in a month. What better pleasure can you have than meeting such angels?

Those beautiful girls whom every man begs to meet, such girls will become your escort and stay in your bed for the whole night. We are talking about elegant models and independent high-profile escorts who only meet rich men. You can book these girls only through our agency and not anywhere else. These girls are very social, so they hesitate to reveal their profession. They provide escort service in a very secretive manner and that too only to those men who have a great image in the society.

You might have taken escort service from many girls in Delhi but our escorts are different and best from all of them. No other agency in Delhi has better escorts than the level of escorts we provide to our clients. Based on our 10 years of experience, we have learned certain nuances that other agencies do not and this is the only reason why we currently have the best escorts and clients in Delhi. Escort service does not mean prostitution only, there are many other things in escort service on which men rely so much money to get escort service. We know all those things with the help of which an escort can satisfy her client.

Each of our escorts is mature and fully capable of providing erotic pleasure to every man in the world. Whatever your wish is, you just present it to our escort and then see how she fulfills your every wish. Our escorts are no less than angels as they know how to satisfy the desires of men.

No matter what happens, our escort will not leave you angry. She will do all the efforts to make you happy so that you can be satisfied. You will return with a beautiful smile on your face after meeting our escort. Till date there is no man who has not been made happy and satisfied by our talented escorts. All the clients who meet our escorts, they all consider them to be the most qualified and best escorts. After meeting our escorts, these men also give positive feedback to our escorts. On the basis of these feedbacks, we are able to ensure that which of our escorts will be perfect for which man.

Aerocity is a world famous place where many businessman and world famous men come everyday. All these people stay in the hotels of Aerocity. One thing is common in all these men that when they feel lonely, they resort to high-profile escort service to overcome their loneliness. These men like real simplicity and not girls with makeup. These men have been served by different types of escort girls in different cities around the world, that's why they have experience that which type of escort will be perfect for them. Natural beauty is the first choice of these men. They not only see beauty in every girl but also see her manner of walking, her communication skills and her personality. On the basis of these qualities these famous men choose their escorts. We already know the preferences of such men, so we keep such girls in our agency who can become a perfect escort for these men.When such men need an escort, we are able to provide them the escort of their choice without wasting any time. We are already aware of the likes and dislikes of those men and due to this experience we provide escorts of their choice to famous men of the world.



In our basic package you can meet our young college girls, housewives and other independent escorts. These girls are good looking, educated and of all ages. We have 21 year old college students as well as 35 year old mature ladies. Our young escorts have many qualities like entertaining their clients very well and fulfilling all their wishes. We have well trained all our escorts so that no client goes back unsatisfied. Our young escorts take good care of clients.


Air-hostess Escorts

Airhostess escorts are in high demand in Aerocity. We have air hostesses working with international airlines who provide escort services to our reputed clients in their spare time. These girls are of very high standard and work exclusively with us only. In terms of beauty, who can be more beautiful than an air hostess? All men know this, so when they stay at some of the luxurious hotels in Aerocity and need an escort, they want to meet a beautiful air-hostess. Our air hostess escorts need advance booking so you have to book one in advance.

Model Escorts

Imagine having a stunning model girl, who is young as well as very beautiful, in your arms all night long. What could be a more enticing sight than this? But this is not just a fantasy because in our escort service you can find a gorgeous model escort who will serve you perfectly and spend some beautiful moments of life with you. The model escorts who work with us are the most beautiful and have very upscale personalities. You will feel proud of yourself with them. These girls are as beautiful as actresses who work in films. Even the Apsaras of heaven will fade in front of their beauty.

Why choosing us?

  • Excellent service
  • Minimum Effort
  • Full Privacy

If you want, you can book an escort from anywhere, but the promise we make to our clients, no other agency makes to their clients. We provide full security as well as honest and genuine escorts to our clients. The biggest advantage of taking service from our reputed escort agency is that your time and money will not be wasted. Because you will be provided your escort according to your choice. The main complaint of men in escort service is that they are not able to get their desired escort, but if you take service from us, you will not have to face this problem. We provide the escort to our clients as per their choice.

Reviews about our Aerocity escorts


Meeting Priya was nothing less than a blessing for me. I have met many escort girls till date but Priya was the best escort among them all. She is not only beautiful but also very intelligent. I mean whatever I wanted, she gave me all that. I think she is the most attractive escort at Aerocity that I have met. I will never forget those beautiful moments spent with her in my life. Now whenever I come to Delhi, I will take escort service only from Priya. Everything about that girl is unique. When she laughs, it is as if all the burden of your heart becomes light.

On 20 Dec 2022
by Ravicharan


Jaya is not her real name but I will call her Jaya. She was incredible. She is young and very energetic too. She reminded me of the days of my youth. I was also starting to feel young with him. I enjoyed a lot with her and she made me completely happy. Many escorts are reluctant in certain things but she was not like that. She did everything I asked her to do. I have never enjoyed with any other escort as much as I have enjoyed with her. She was only 22 years old but very intelligent too. She was quite mature for her age. I would like to meet her again in the near future.

On 25 Dec 2022
by Mr. Kulshresta


Anjali deserves to be praised as much as it is. She is a wonderful escort as well as a true friend. I have taken service from many escorts but till date I have not found a true and honest girl like Anjali. She treats her clients as her friends. Even after meeting her for the first time, I felt like I have known her for years. She comes close to you and build a strong relation with you very soon, this is her art. She gave me as much love as any girlfriend gives to her boyfriend. Atlast, I just wanna say that she is the top quality escort in Aerocity.

On 30 Dec 2022
by XXX

Frequently Asked Questions on Escort service in Aerocity

How i select an escort?

When you contact us, we show you the pics of our escorts according to your choice. From those pics, you can easily select your escort. We prefer whatsapp over email for sharing our escorts photos.

How many days in advance do I have to book?

Some of our escorts are available 24 hours a day, for such girls you doesn't need to book in advance. But there are some girls who works as per their schedules, for them, you have to book atleast one week in advance.

Do I have to pay for advance booking?

By the way, we do not take advance from anyone, our work runs on trust. But if you want to confirm your booking completely, then you can pay in advance. Getting advance will only benefit you. With your advance payment, we ensure that your booking is confirmed.

How much does your escort service cost?

There is no fixed price for our escorts and the price depends on the escort you are booking. Each of our escorts has a different price depending on the characteristics and beauty of the girl.

What do I need to book an escort??

If you are staying in a hotel, then you will have to tell us your name, the name of your hotel, its location and your room number. If possible, call us from the landline phone of your room so that we can confirm that you are really staying in the same hotel. We are saying this because many fake people waste our time by telling us false things. So we would love it if you call us once from your hotel room. And if you want to take service at our place then you don't need to tell anything, you have to come directly to our mentioned place and take service.

What are the payment mode?

You can pay our escort as per your wish, by the way we prefer cash but if you want you can pay us digitally also. We are also able to accept payments through Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit cards.

How can I cancel the booking?

If you want to cancel your booking for any reason, then call us and cancel your booking. You can cancel your booking till the escort leaves to meet you at your residence. We will not charge you any cancellation charges. But if the escort has left to meet you or has reached you, then in this case you will have to pay cancellation charges.

Will the escort come dressed in the outfit of my choice???

If you want to see your escort in a particular outfit, then you have to tell us and we will convey your message to the escort. Our escorts leave no stone unturned to please their clients and if she has such an outfit, she will surely come to you wearing it.

Are these escorts neat and clean?

We provide the best escorts to our clients. These escorts take special care of their body. You will always find them very neat and clean. All our escorts are educated girls with good character and their body always smells pleasant.

Is filming allowed??

No, taking any photographs or making videos of any of our escorts is strictly prohibited. All our girls are social and they provide escort services very confidentially. These girls do not want to disclose their identity in public.If you are found doing this then legal action can also be taken against you.

Can I take shower with the escort?

If you are very conscious about cleanliness then you can request escort for shower. If she feels comfortable then you can take bath with her.

Can escort visit to my Home?

Although we do not provide escort services at home but if you are our regular client and if we have confidence in you then we can convince our escort to meet you at your home.

Are there any etiquettes when meeting the escort?

If you are a Gentleman then you must already know all those things and if you do not know some things then we would like to tell you that before meeting any escort keep yourself clean, do not get intoxicated, respect the escort.

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