High-profile Gurgaon Escorts

Are you getting bored alone? Do you want a companion who will dispel your loneliness? Do you want a girlfriend who will shower you with lots of love without asking any questions? If your answer is yes then dial our phone number without delay. Our Gurgaon escorts service is for reputed businessmen and wealthy individuals who require excellent escort service in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is a world famous city where thousands of people come for business. Some very immortal men also come here for their business work and when they want to enjoy, they take support of escort service. We provide top class escorts girls in Gurgaon. Our escorts have all the qualities that a high-class escort should have. Whatever your wishes, our escorts will do their best to make it convenient for you. You can have full fun with our escorts whenever and wherever you want.

You must have spent the night with many beautiful girls in Gurgaon but the escort girls we are talking about are the best of them all. We are talking about very beautiful girls who look like models and celebrities. These girls are superior to all other escorts not only in beauty but in all other qualities. Their personality is so strong that you will feel proud to stand with one of them.

When you go out with your arms in her arms, people will look at you carefully. These girls are a true companion for those people who are discerning gentlemen. Every moment spent with our escorts will fill you with joy. You will feel very relaxed and cheerful in the company of such wonderful and top quality escorts in Gurgaon.

If you have heard about angels then our escorts are the same. Give us a call and book a stunning escort now and she will bring joy to your lonely life. If you are a shy person then don't worry because your escort will not be like that. She will bring out the buried secrets of your heart. You will be able to speak your heart easily to him. She will win your heart with such talks that your shyness will go away.

You will feel very relaxed when you will tell the secret hidden in your heart to your beautiful escort. She will treat you like a best friend and you can take her with you wherever you want. If you wish, you can enjoy the whole night in your hotel room and if you wish, you can go to any night club or bar and enjoy till late night. You can have fun with our escorts in many other ways, such as dancing with her or even role-playing.

Gurgaon is a very nice city to have fun. Here you can hang out with any girl without any hindrance. The city is famous for its nightlife and there are many ways to have fun with an escort girl.

Ample collection of independent escorts in Gurgaon

We are committed to providing the highest quality escort service in Gurgaon. We believe that no one else can give you better quality service than us. It is our main goal to provide every man the desired escort according to his standard. Some men wish that they can spend time with a clean and educated girl. These men are either very rich people or businessmen who have come to Gurgaon for some business. These men prefer to meet only the highest quality escort girls. Our only aim is to serve such men. We never provide substandard escort, our clients are just businessmen and ambassadors who love to have escort service from the best girls.

If we talk about our escorts then these are the best escorts in Gurgaon. We select only those girls for our Gurgaon escort agency who are eligible in all respects. While selecting our escorts we take special care of many factors like her education and qualification, her personality, her beauty, her looks and her communication skills. If a girl is rich in all these qualities then only we appoint her as an escort of our agency. All our escorts are completely independent and open minded. All of them live in Gurgaon and are moving forward to improve their future. These girls work exclusively with us and offer their services to a select few clients only.

We have a variety of independent escorts. Some are air hostesses and some are housewives. Some do modeling and some are working in an MNC company. But all our escorts have one thing in common and that is they are excellent escorts. We provide training to all our escorts so that they can satisfy their clients. You will find each of our girls completely medically fit. Our escorts take special care of their body and they also do yoga daily to look beautiful. None of our escorts are such that they cannot satisfy their clients. Our escorts are God gifted beauties and don't need make-up to look beautiful. We have kept in our gallery almost all types of escorts that men wish for. From petite girls to tall girls, we have all kinds of escorts available 24 hours a day to please you.

Our collection includes:

Escort categories at Gurgaon Escort agency

Russian escorts: Foreigner beauties from Russia, Uzbekistan and kazakistan for those men who are wild and have fantasies.

Housewife escorts: Mature ladies for those men who loves mature age women over young girls. Our housewife escorts are super talented woman who knows how to seduce and satisfy a man.

College girl escorts: Our young and gorgeous solle girls are perfect for every kind of gentlemen who want to enjoy the most of an evening. Book one of these young students and take her to a late night party. Enjoy with her till late night and then take her to your hotel room. Here she will explore herself and show you her talent.

Air-hostess escorts: As being very near to Delhi airport, lots of Airhostess resides in Gurgaon. These girls are real beauties and absolute gorgeous. Everyman want to spend time with an air-hostess escort. You have a chance to meet a real air-hostess escort as we have an ample collection of international air-hostess escorts.

Model escorts: We have some very attractive Models working with us on weekends. Some Models are already settled in film industry of Bollywood and Tollywood and some are doing very well in their profession. These Model escorts offer escort service in discreet way and privately.

Celebrity escorts: Some Bollywood actress also provide private escort service to very rich men in Gurgaon. We have some very well-known bollywood actress who can be your companion for an evening in Gurgaon. What could be better than a feminine, intelligent, sophisticated and naughty actress at your arms for a whole night? Our actress escorts are superstars and a perfect partner for role-playing and fantasy fulfilling.

Gurgaon escorts available 24 hours a day

We works around the clock. It does not matter to us at what time you are seeking service. We can give you an escort of your choice at any time. Even if it is 6 in the morning and sex lust has awakened inside you, you can immediately dial our phone number and we will send you a beautiful escort to your specified place within half an hour. Imagine that it is half past midnight and you are getting bored alone in your hotel room. At such times we can get you a very high-profile escort at the same time who will entertain you and give you physical pleasure as well. Overall, we are ready to serve you 24 hours a day. You can expect escort service from us at any time you want. Many men get sexually aroused late at night but at that time they think how to have sex with a young girl then we have the solution – call us and wait for a high-end escort who will be there in just half an hour will reach you. Now you can tame your sensuality with her.

Healthy and hygienic escorts in Gurgaon

Healthy escorts

We have the healthiest escorts available in Gurgaon. Our skirts go to the gym and do yoga to keep themselves healthy. We conduct regular health check-ups for each of our escorts. Our escorts meet very special men from India and abroad, so we only send perfectly healthy girls to our clients. Most of our escorts are young and they are also very energetic, so such girls never fall victim to any disease. We also give proper guidance to our escorts to stay completely healthy. We give them special training so that they remain strong and healthy.Each of our escort believes in practicing only safe sex. None of our escorts can be swayed by any inducement. They are completely mentally trained and never have sex without protection. No matter how hard you try, none of our escorts will hookup without a condom. If you insist more then our escort will drop you immediately and come back. Our escorts are fully aware to avoid deadly infection like H.I.V.. So if you also want to meet a healthy escort then you can book any of our escort without any hesitation.

Hygienic escorts

Our Gurgaon escorts are spotlessly clean and neat. They take special care of their hygiene. If you are also a hygienic man who likes cleanliness then there is no better option than our escorts in Gurgaon. Our escorts always keep their private parts clean and whenever they go to meet a man, they first clean all private parts of their body. You can expect complete hygiene from these high-end escorts. When you meet our beautiful and intelligent escort, you will find that she is very clean and tidy. There must be a wet smell coming from her body. By looking at the cleanliness of our escort's body, you will understand that you have chosen the right escort. We have given proper training to our escorts that how to be hygienic and how to keep their body clean. These escorts bathe after meeting every man and whenever goes to meet a new man, she first bathes with him and then performs sexual activities.

Best Gurgaon escort

In-call & Out-call escort service

Any journey is considered incomplete without a companion, be it a business trip or a holiday vacation. Now if we talk about world famous city like Gurgaon, then here you are incomplete without a partner and no one can enjoy. No person alone can enjoy any beautiful place. And that's why we have brought beautiful and social escorts for you who will make your journey enjoyable. Gurgaon is a very scenic spot where many tourists from the country and abroad come to visit and enjoy. Due to its proximity to Delhi airport, Gurgaon remains a tourist hub throughout the year. It is also the second most business hub of India, so a large number of people from every corner of the country come here for business purposes. Now the men who come here alone, they cannot enjoy this blissful city alone and that's why we have brought our young and very attractive escort girls for those men.

These girls are beautiful as well as smart who will make your visit to Gurgaon delightful. Give us just one chance to make your trip memorable and we promise you that you will come back with a beautiful smile on your face. You can book our escorts for any purpose as these girls are well versed in all fields. If you want, you can book them for your private entertainment or if you have to go to an event and you are alone, then you can appoint one of them as your companion. Our escort will also entertain you and remove your loneliness. Most of the men who have come to Gurgaon take escort service from us because they know that only we can provide them the best escort service in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is full of luxury hotels and many men stay in these hotels. They take advantage of our escort service in these hotels only. If you are also staying in a similar hotel and are thinking of making an attractive and social girl your escort, then contact us now so that we can provide you the escort of your choice. We have no dearth of girls who give full satisfaction to their clients. Here you can see all kinds of escorts and make your partner. We provide our escort service in all luxury hotels of Gurgaon so if you want outcall escort service in any five star hotel then contact on our phone number. If you want, you can also book a good escort through WhatsApp. Our out-call escort services are available 24 hours so you can avail our services any time.

Many men have taken advantage of our excellent out-call services and they all are very happy with our services and contact us only for escort service whenever they come to Gurgaon. There are also many men who come for business from abroad and seek escort services. These men are very sensitive and they are always on the lookout for genuine escorts. Having more experience in Gurgaon, these men take escort service only from us as they know that we are the most reputed and honest escort agency in Gurgaon. Many such men also refer their friends to us so that they too can enjoy escort service from these genuine and honest escorts. Presently we are the leading Escort Agency in Gurgaon with the sole aim of providing world class Escort Services to our clients. We want each and every customer of ours to leave happy and come back to us whenever they feel like taking escort service in future.

We are best in providing not only outcall escort services but also incall services in Gurgaon. Our in-call location is no less than a luxury room in a five star hotel. You will be able to believe our words only when once you take in-call escort service from us. There are also many men who come to Gurgaon only for a few hours for their business. These men do not book hotels because they prefer to meet escort girls at their place. For such people, we provide in-call facility which is like a room in a five star hotel in Gurgaon. You can meet our sophisticated, intelligent and young escorts there and wash away your physical and emotional fatigue.

The biggest advantage of in-call service is that our client does not have to bear the cost of hotel room. Booking a luxury hotel room in Gurgaon is very expensive, so you can reduce this cost by taking advantage of our in-call system. Our escort is already waiting for you at the hotel in Gurgaon so all you have to do is go to the location mentioned by us. just go there and meet her and she will serve you like a king.

We have the highest quality escorts that Gurgaon has to offer. We are bound to provide full satisfaction to our clients and to fulfill this objective we send only excellent escorts to our clients. Till date none of our clients has gone back unsatisfied and we take immense pride in that fact. If you come to our in-call location then you can get many options also. We show you all our options before booking but sometimes photos can't fully judge the beauty of a girl so you can see all our escorts with your own eyes by coming to our in-call location and Can easily mix with the escort of your choice. People book our escorts not just for physical pleasure but there are many clients who love to spend quality time with a stunning and smart girl who is young too. So these people take escort services only for the purpose of spending some happy moments.

Your privacy and safety


We are the most reputed and premium escort agency in Gurgaon and our clients are world famous men. Some of our clients are politicians and some are big level business tycoons. We are the most trusted escort agency in Gurgaon because we take utmost care of our client's privacy. Our entire system is waterproof and we never intrude into the privacy of our clients. We provide full support to our clients in maintaining their privacy and provide them with our independent escorts which are completely private so that they can avail our smooth escort services without any hassle. We do not keep any records of our clients' interactions and under no circumstances allow any of our client's information to be leaked to any third person. We delete all records of our clients from our systems immediately after availing the service. If you are also a well-known personality who wants to take private escort service, then there cannot be a better option for you in Gurgaon than us.


We guarantee complete security to all our clients. We are not like those fraud agencies and agents who cheat clients in the guise of providing escort services. We have many men calling us whose security has been compromised in the past. But we promise you here that your safety is our responsibility now and we will never run away from our responsibilities. Providing you a safe escort service is our motto and hence we provide escort services only in five-star hotels. You must be aware that five-star hotels are the safest places and that's why we send our reputed escorts to five-star hotels only so that you can get a safe escort service. Though Gurgaon is a civilized city but still we do not want to compromise on the safety of our clients so we ask all our clients to book hotel before taking escort service. We know that escort service can be enjoyed without any hindrance only in a safe hotel and if we talk about safe hotels then luxury five star hotels are the best in providing security to their guests.Overall, you are in safe hands so don't worry and call us right now.


We operate with the utmost discretion and provide a discreet escort service to our clients. All our escorts are very intelligent and judicious and they know what is appropriate to do and what is not. We take care of all the necessary factors to provide a smooth escort service to all our clients. We know that our clients never want to reveal their name and we respect their privacy. Some of our clients prefer to keep their names confidential, so we do not take any information from such people. Our aim is to provide the best service to the client and we focus only on this goal. We have no interest in collecting the information of our clients. If you want to enjoy escort service in a peaceful way, then we will do the same. All our escorts are very social girls who themselves do this job very confidentially. These girls prefer to provide services by keeping their names confidential like our clients. So we provide such escorts to our reputed clients who are discreet and intelligent as well. You will see that our escorts are well educated and decent girls who are able to adapt themselves according to any environment so you can take such well qualified escorts from us for any purpose and enjoy.

What are the benefits of booking Gurgaon escorts?

  • Fresh Escorts
  • 100% Secure
  • Full satisfaction

Although there are many advantages of booking an escort from our agency, but the biggest advantage is that you will get a chance to meet such a girl whom you would like to make your girlfriend. All the girls who work with us are very exclusive and they are only a part-time escort service provider. All our girls are either models or college students. Some girls are even air-hostesses who provide escort services only when they are free. Another huge benefit of booking an escort with us is that men who want girlfriend experience from escort can get the same from our escorts. Our escorts specialize in providing girlfriend experience.

Our services


  • Shower
  • French Kissing
  • OWO
  • Cow girl
  • 69 position
  • Doggie style (from Behind)
  • COB (cum on body)

Maximum timing is 2 hour


  • Wine and Dine
  • Flirting
  • Dirty Talk
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Body massage
  • Overnight stay
  • Female Orgasm

BASIC are included in GFE package


  • Sex toys (Dildo)
  • COF (cum on face)
  • CIM (cum in mouth)
  • A Level
  • BDSM
  • Role Play
  • Deepthroat

There would be extra charges for each EXTRA's

Frequently Asked Questions on Escort service in Aerocity

In which ares of Gurgaon you provide escort service?

We cover all Gurgaon and you can avail our escort service in Manesar, Iffco chowk, Palam vihar, Udyog vihar, Sohna road, DLF phase 3, dlf golf course, Huda city centere, Gurgaon south city, MG road gurgaon, Dlf phase 1 2 3 4, Kapashera, Aerocity, Mahipalpur, Ardee City, Badshahpur, Bijwasan, Bristol Chowk, Chakkarpur, Cyber City, Galleria Market, Gurgaon sector-1, Gurgaon sector 15, Gurgaon sector 16, Gurgaon sector 29, Gurgaon sector 45, Guru Dronacharya, Hans Enclave, Hero Honda Chowk, Kendriya Vihar, Pataudi Chowk, Sikandarpur.

Which hotels are escort friendly in Gurgaon?

Crowne Plaza, Roseate house, Andaz, Pride plaza, Trident, Asian Suites The Pearl, Galaxy, Leela Ambience, Taj City Centre, Radisson, Westin, Le Meridien, JW Marriott, Holiday Inn, IBIS, Novotel, Umrao, Four Points hotel by Sheraton, Centaur and Pullman are some best and luxury hotels where you can enjoy with our premium escort girls.

What are the nearest metro stations to Gurgaon?

There are many metro stations in Gurgaon so it depends on you where you want to meet our escorts. Sector 55-66 Gurugram, Sector 54 Chowk Gurugram, Sector 53-54 Gurugram, Sector 42-43 Gurugram, DLF Phase 1 Gurugram, DLF Sikandarpur Gurugram, DLF Phase 2 Gurugram, Belvedere Towers Gurugram, Cyber City Gurugram, Moulsari Gurugram, DLF Phase 3 Gurugram, Guru Dronacharya, Sikandarpur, MG Road, IFFCO Chowk and Huda City Centre are some metro stations nearby our escort service locations.

Are Gurgaon escorts safe to hire?

Our escorts are absolutely safe. We are a reputed escort agency catering high-profile gentlemen for many years and we believe in providing safest escort service to our customer. To provide discreet escort service , we cater our clients in luxury five-star hotels of Gurgaon.

If I book, Who would be my escort today?

It depends on the availability of our girls. We send you pics of all available escorts (on that day) before booking. Choose as per your taste and requirements.

Can I pay after service?

No, you have to pay once the girl reach you. We don't ask for advance payment but you must have to pay the girl when she arrive in your room. Without payment, the girl will not escort you.

What is the minimum booking time?

Minimum booking time is ONE Hour. You can extend your booking before the time finish.

What are the minimum booking charges?

It depends on the girl you select. Every escort charges as per her glamour, personality and class. FYI, we don't have any escort below INR 20000.

Can I book for longer duration say One week?

Yes you can, we have travel escorts and they loves travelling. You can book our escorts for outstation visits. Many clients book our Gurgaon escorts for weekends and some book for holiday vacations in hillstations and beach cities.

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